Why Eidos?

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Pay for results. And nothing more.

Marketing expertise and talent often costs more than it should. Typical marketing firms must cover their considerable overhead costs by charging a hefty margin on services. Many firms surprise clients with hidden fees. And with today's quickly evolving marketing landscape their capabilities are often limited.

Hiring expertise and talent in-house can cost even more, not only in payroll, but often in capital expenditures as well. Any permanent hire of a senior executive carries a variety of risks – with no guarantee of success.

The Eidos model opens the entire world of freelance, specialty and independent marketing talent to its clients. We offer greater breadth and depth of talent and know-how, at far less cost.

With Eidos, you pay a flat monthly fee or negotiated one-time project fee. If you are not satisfied with results, you can end the engagement with no penalties at all. Otherwise, we are there for you, in person, at the conference table, and will grow with you for years – all for less than the cost of the old way of doing it.

With Eidos, you pay only for results.

And we believe that's all you should ever pay for.