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The best possible fit for your needs.

The Eidos model was designed to reduce marketing costs, while improving quality.

We bring our clients the talent, resources and expertise of a wide variety of marketing contractors. We identify the best possible marketing tactics to achieve client goals, then go and get the talent. This is the exact opposite of the typical marketing firm, which attempts to shoe-horn the capabilities they happen to have on payroll to fit client needs – regardless of their appropriateness and chances of success.

1. Plan
Any engagement involves an experienced strategist, even a small project.

Once a clients' business goals, market position, competitive landscape and various other relevant factors are understood, Eidos develops a workable strategy, always carefully abiding by budgetary realities.

2. Execute
Market research, writing, and many related services, such as social media and online advertising management are typically included in our monthly fee, as is any strategic development and consultation.
For most specialized services we vet and hire outside vendors. We establish which talents, skill sets and experience will best serve our clients' business goals first, then negotiate and secure the best vendor for the job. We have strong relationships with many vendors, and often can secure top talent for a better price than would otherwise be available.
Before any vendor is engaged, clients are provided a written agreement and pricing for signature. Typically, our vendors bill clients directly. Eidos never charges a mark-up on any vendor.

3. Measure
With our monthly bill, clients receive an accounting of work completed, along with reports on performance. In regular meetings, we update clients on their ROI, using agreed upon metrics to measure and evaluate business value. These metrics vary, as do our clients' businesses, but are always designed to track against real business goals.

Because we must show value every month, it is in our interest to do everything we can to meet or exceed our clients' expectations.