Maryland's largest independent orthopaedic practice hired Eidos, formerly Marshall Strategic Marketing, to retool their entire marketing program. Dissatisfied with the costly, low ROI efforts of traditional marketing firms, OrthoMaryland turned to Eidos for strategic guidance, as well as ongoing marketing management. As with all Eidos' engagements, OrthoMaryland could easily end the effort with no penalty, at any time.

Eidos immediately identified over $60,000 of poorly performing marketing investments on the budget, and helped reinvest those funds. A quality graphic designer was brought in to refresh the brand and produce new, coordinated marketing materials, which were specifically designed to be flexible and cost-effective. New messaging better highlighted the practice's value proposition and chief differentiators. The tagline "When Life Can't Wait" was developed.

With money saved, and through the process of vetting and negotiation, Eidos was able to commit OrthoMaryland both to TV and Radio advertising relationships on an annual basis. Eidos wrote new ads, which were produced by media partners, and which, once launched, can be credited with a regularly rising influx of phone calls.

The launch of a Facebook page, concurrent with OrthoMaryland's newly written social media policy, has seen a surge of activity in social media, both deepening the company's relationships with its patients and community and improving the visibility of many success stories - as well as OrthoMaryland's involvement in local communities.

Online advertising campaigns, community and sports sponsorships, highly targeted print ads and a variety of networking efforts round out a campaign which continues to see improvements across the board.

Learn more at www.orthomaryland.net.