Ceros Financial Services.

Our engagement included:

• Brand Alignment
• Web Design
• Message Development
• Video Production
• Collateral Design

Until its recent acquisition, the financial services company had been Rydex Financial Services. The Eidos team helped to bring its brand into alignment with the new parent company and manage the development of a new website.

Eidos lead a search for a web design and development partner, then engaged to develop new messaging and to provide copy for the website and new marketing and sales collateral. A sophisticated suite of web services was required, in addition to brand alignment. Additional focus was placed on the need to inform and reassure clients.

With Eidos' guidance and management, the new, technologically advanced and highly secure site was designed, built and successfully launched while keeping Ceros' clients involved and informed. The site features new tools and capabilities requested by clients as well as those required by Ceros for improved efficiency and service.

To further enhance client relations as well as to establish the new identity and highlight key differentiators, Eidos set up a video interview studio at Ceros' annual event, collecting a wealth of powerful testimonials for use on the website. This "human element" syncs perfectly with the new messaging across all Ceros marketing and serves as an impactful differentiator in a crowded market.

Learn more at www.cerosfs.com.