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My Grandmother Predicted Content Marketing
Friday, 22 July 2011 00:00

Around the time my age hit double digits, my grandmother gave me some Marvel Comics stock as a gift, along with quite possibly the most stunningly prescient advice I've ever received: The most treasured, most valuable thing in the future will be stories, she told me.

Tragically, our patience didn't match her prescience, and the stock was sold before Hollywood turned to Marvel full bore for stories to tell. Truly, we're kicking ourselves. Owning pre-Spiderman movie Marvel stock would have been better even than owning pre-iPod Apple stock.

The Mighty ThorStill, I can't help marveling now at just how right she was. I started off as a daily newspaper reporter and realized very quickly that to a large extent my job was to tell stories. Now the marketing world is catching on as well, and a relatively new term is all of a sudden all over the place: content marketing.

The posts are everywhere (see CopybloggerBrian SolisPR Newswire, and others), all making the same point. Solis put it particularly succinctly: EC=MC: Every Company is a Media Company. I am seeing this more and more with my clients, who are increasingly choosing to stand out from the competition through some sort of content creation.

Writers of the world... Newspapers may not be paying any more, but companies are. And it's not just marketing-speak they're after. The new content marketing involves compelling, genuine, in-depth storytelling that is looking more and more like journalism every day.

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